Press Pause

As each day passes it seems as if life is increasing in speed. Tied up, and at times, overwhelmed with obligations. We gasp for air, a chance to breathe.

The pressure from carrying burdens, and even blessings, becomes so heavy. All the while, we cling to the hope that our direction is justified.

But unless one stops to question their direction and its purpose, how will they ever know if they’re following their heart?


Shake the Dust

Lately, I just haven’t been myself. Stricken with fear, guilt and incessant worry. Everything about my life is questioned. The high of recent happiness has worn off, I have come back down.

And as I realize that I must keep walking, every step is followed with a doubt. Interrupting progress of any kind.

At times, wallowing in sorrow, as if I’ve never known what it’s like to be up.

But then I remember, before I can continue on I must…Shake the Dust