If I could provide you with one thing…

It would be infinite smiles…

( added by Anthony Danko )


Nap Time

It seems as if today’s world revolves around running nonstop, drinking multiple cups of coffee, red bulls, or energy shots to stay active thoughout the day. We look at those who sleep in the afternoon as being lazy and lacking ambition; unless your a child or elderly. Funny how when we were kids in preschool naps were a required part of the day, now even if we have the time we’re lead to believe they are futile. However, there is scientific proof of positive effects for those who get a power nap in each day.


  1. Helps cope with stress
  2. Increases alertness and productivity
  3. Improves memory and learning
  4. More efficient cognitive functioning
  5. Boosts creativity
  6. Motivates to exercise

In essence, a nap recharges you. One caveat to taking them would be to monitor the time. Test results suggest taking a power nap, anywhere from 15-30 minutes, is most beneficial. I understand we can be very busy beings but when it comes to our health, we should be able to fit in a 15-30 minute nap. The longer you sleep from there the more deep of sleep you fall into, stealing time from the 7 to 8 hours needed each night. There is also different ways of incorporating naps into your schedule. You could have a set time each day, nap before you know you’ll get tired, or just take one when you could use some rest. If you have trouble adjusting then try meditation; it gives your body a rest and produces slower brain waves similar to sleep. If you can avoid caffeine at all costs. Choose a more natural approach to boosting energy.

Quote of the Day

( photo by Jonathan Loh, edited by Anthony Danko )


Reworded but courtesy of Plato.

Tempers these days are so short, and we are all guilty at times; but think, how quick are we to lash out on someone?

What if for one moment, we restrained our anger, and responded with a smile or even simply tried to put ourselves in the shoes of the other person?

Maybe that individual is having a bad day. I’m sure we could all empathize the feeling of things not going our way.

Wouldn’t we want mercy shown to us on such an occasion?

Whether you believe in karma or not, you will find yourself on both sides of the spectrum. Be mindful of that next time you’d like to give someone a tongue lashing. Instead give them hope that things will get better. Follow the Golden Rule.

Decisions, Decisions…

( created by Anthony Danko )


Each day is full of them, from the seemingly insignificant, to ones of vast density as deep as the ocean. Yes or no? Sink or swim? Fight or give in?

Regardless of perception, each is important because they all ultimately affect your life. Similar to the snowball effect or self-fulfilling prophecy; momentum is gathered and a course of direction is chosen.

If you’re on the fence about something, take some time, think critically and rationally; then make a choice and remain committed. Even if the choice of action lacks ideality after assessment, clarity is gained from perspective.

Good ideas are a dime a dozen but discovery of them comes only when actions, thoughts, and words are consistent with the desired destination.

An applicable acronym I like to think of if is DDP. (Direction, Discipline, Perseverance) Once a conclusion is cemented, choose your direction. Along the journey it is key to have discipline while staying committed to a certain path. Lastly, one must display devout perseverance as many obstacles will propose violent opposition.

At times we hold our dreams so close but yet so timidly; allowing others to steal our life and passion while creating a cloud of irrational fear to follow.

Have the courage to believe in your dreams as decisions pave the road to them.

If you are observant and patient enough, the correct path will eventually appear. In hindsight decisions won’t seem good or bad but an integral part of your progressive path as beautiful being of this world.